I am a 54 year old divorced woman. I like adventure. Life is too short to be boring. 

After years of working, kids and illness, I find myself finally in the position to have some adventure.
April 2014 I moved from Ottawa ro Ecuador. I lived in the Andes Mountains in a city called Cuenca. I travelled much of Ecuador during my time there, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Beaches, mountains, zip lining, trying new foods, new culture. I loved it all. 

The Ecuadorian people are amongst the kindest people out there. The bond between parent and child is unlike anything I have eve seen in North America.

September 2015 I moved onto to Panama. Wow is that country ever hot. For the first month I lived in Bocas Del Toro. To be quite  honest my room mate and I found Bocas to be horribly dirty,, and a lot of poverty there. That coupled with the fact that it was unbearable hot and humid made our stay pretty short. We rented the top half of a house on Saigon Bay. The bottom half was rented by three lovely guys from France. The house was bare minimum, so it was a little more expensive than we were hoping for. 

Bocas Del Toro did have some good points. If you got away from Bocas town there was not so much filth. Starfish beach was very nice. I must admit though, I am not completely convinced those starfish are real. Our French neighbours took us on a boat tour near the end of our stay. We had a lot of fun, even saw some dolphins in dolphin bay. 

Our French neighbours were building an ecolodge…entirely by themselves. Check them out here San cristobel ecolodge. These are some of the nicest people I have ever met.

Over a 17 month period I visited Cuenca and all the surrounding areas, Baños Ambato, Guayaquil, Montanita, Puerto Lopez, Puerto Cayo and Manta.  Some of these areas have since been devastated by a 7.9 earthquake that happened in April 2016.

Each of he places I visited had its own charm. I can honestly say I did not like one place over another, as they were all so uniquely their own.

Chordeleg had its home made jewellry, Puerto Cayo had its lovely beach, Puerto Lopez all the shops and beach etc.

Ecuadorian people are some of the nicest people you can meet. One thing I found fastenating was the bond between parent and child. I have never seen anything like it in North America. It is normal to see an adult child male and female) still holding the hands of their parents while walking down the street. I think the strength of this bond is probably because Ecuadorians carry their children until they are 3/4 years old. Very rare to see a child in a stroller. They also bring their young children to work with them. I suspect this cements the bond at a very young age. It is reallly nice to see. I found myself often feeling sad thinking of parents and children back in North America that will never reach this level on bonding. They have so little in Ecuador, but compared to parents in North America, they have the world. Their world is their children.

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